Bad Boys of Burque


EST.  2001

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“Good stuff from your band."

Very diverse. Sometimes modern sounding, sometimes old school. Best of luck with it.

------ Don Jamieson - Comedian - TMS”

No Illusions here

  A great sounding original band here. They hit all the right notes in all the right places

​----- Rusty clay PRO Today 
United States, Illinois, Aurora



No sorrow here 
From the opening notes through the verses chorus and solo to the end this song rocks and sounds as good as anything the top record labels and artists are putting out. 
----- Rusty clay PRO Today 
United States, Illinois, Aurora

"Messiah of Sorrow"


 Shit Happens and now it's written in Inc \,,/ From the open chords you get a sense of what the band is all about. (I need this in my face;) Effects on guitars with nails! Beautiful drum production and the vocalist just 'fits' .. This song is flowy and keeps ya head nodding.. Lets hope it's no 'Illusion' n these rockers pump out some more tunes soon. (VenomRex)
Australia, Melbourne



​“This reminds me of a song off of a WWE video game like the intro to one of the superstars. I love the energy of the singer! It seems they were really into it while recording. The instruments compliment the vocal quite well. A great song to sing along with.

----- World Cloud Reviews 


"S.H.I - Heavy Rock Intros with some Great Guitars and Thunderous Drum Beats!"
---------- Rock Hero


“Dubbed "the Number One party band in the South West", this title is well deserved because with '11 Year Itch', what the band has done is to produce 42 minutes of serious heavy rock that just doesn't dissapoint in any way, shape or form, the harmony sound from the whole band is just so in tune and professional, you begin to wonder why no record label has picked these guys up yet.”
--------- Johnny Main, 


“Make no mistake, this isn't your Dad's Rock Band!”


“Close my eyes n hear Great Times! Sounds Great. Finishes Strong!!..

----------------- jogeefolife